KawasakiPre-Application Service
Kawasaki City Pre-Application Service

This online pre-application service allows you to fill out the required fields in advance using your smartphone or computer at home, thereby eliminating the need to visit a ward or branch office to fill out your forms.

Notifications available for pre-application (written application)
• Notification of moving in (moving from another city or town to Kawasaki City)
• Notification of change of address or ward (moving within Kawasaki City)
• Notification of moving out (moving from Kawasaki City to another city or town)
• Notification of change of household (change of head of household, separation of household, merger of households, partial change of household)
• Application form for issuance of a copy of the certificate of residence, certificate of family register, and certificate of seal registration
• Application form for seal registration

* Note*
Procedures cannot be completed online through this service.
Please apply in advance and visit a ward or branch office to complete the procedures.

Kawasaki City Pre-Application Service
Telephone: 0120-222-560
Reception hours: 8: 45 ~ 17: 30 (* Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays)